Know our history

Hello! We will tell you how it all started:

The brand was born in Quito, Ecuador by 2 twin brothers with the idea of ​​dressing the modern man with quality garments and exclusive designs at excellent prices. “I have always liked the world of fashion and trends, but I never found clothes that I liked or that were exclusive, but above all at a good price.” Fabian comments.
After months of research, preparation, sewing tests, fabrics and colors, we created the enemy brand and opened the doors to our first store in Quito in 2016. The line was based on “cool” and exclusive shirts, polos and T-shirts. . Months later, they expanded their product line with lenses and pieces for a new world, sun, beach and sea.

In search of satisfying the needs of customers, the company expands its product line and launches its first collection of swimsuits called "Live the moment", a collection with unique designs and a modern style which allowed it to open its doors in Republica. Dominican.

In 2018, Fabián, one of the brothers, decided to travel to the Dominican Republic and start the project. After several studies and months understanding the new market, Enemy enters the country with eye-catching and high-quality products, which were fundamental for the development of the project. “ It was not easy at all, understanding a new market, the thinking of a new client and the way of dressing was not something simple or overnight.” Fabian comments. However, the brand has had exponential growth and Enemy is considered one, if not the best, swimwear and sun brand in the country.

The brand

We are committed to creating and delivering the most eclectic and modern styles in limited quantities to preserve their exclusivity. There are no rules, we are guided by our heart and a dose of imagination when creating the garments we choose for you.

A fusion of styles, inspired by global movements. Enemy offers you a wide variety of high-quality, detail-oriented clothing ranging from clothing and accessories, with items designed to enhance your lifestyle.

Today enemy has points of sale in Quito, Guayaquil, Galapagos, Santo Domingo and Punta Cana. "Our main goal is to offer quality products with innovative and exclusive designs at an excellent price" -Founder of the brand.