5 razones del por qué usar un traje de baño Enemy

5 reasons why to wear an Enemy swimsuit


Let's start from the beginning...

 3 years ago , when I arrived in the Dominican Republic on vacation, I realized that the variety of brands of swimwear for men was scarce (referring to price - quality). I visited a shopping center in the city where , at that time, there were stores that offered this type of product at such a high price that not everyone could or wanted to buy it . Today there are countless brands that offer men's swimwear with a wide variety of qualities, that is, some extremely expensive, others really cheap ( but as they say " cheap is cheap " ). expensive ), some whose quality is low but are sold at a fairly high price, among others.

At that point I thought about what to do to be able to offer a high quality swimsuit , at a FAIR price, modern and that meets the needs of today's Dominicans . After several tests to reach the quality we were looking for , we managed to enter the Dominican market offering the ideal product and above all, offering an excellent service to our customers.

Here I will give you the 5 reasons why you should buy an enemy swimsuit :


1 . our fabric

- Quick Drying and Water Repellent: Technology that repels water and prevents the passage of accidental splashes, which remains after washing .

- UV protection: We use technology that acts as a protective shield for the skin. Our objective is to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays in those areas where sun protection cream does not reach, protecting it both outside and inside the water.

- Chlororesistance : This technology allows greater protection of the color when exposed to chlorine.

- Extra soft: Extra soft fabric for your comfort.

- Permanence of color : Does not lose color with use or with washing.

2 . packaging and details

 Selling products or getting customers can be easy if you sell products, the hard part is making them stay and repurchase you! Many entrepreneurs or people start selling products from other brands and that is very good! But the key, do you know what it is? Make the client marry you! At enemy we don't just sell a product, we seek to sell you a shopping experience. For us the most You are important and that is why we strive in every detail . When you receive your product. Your package will arrive with a polyester bag for the care of your bathing suit , so you keep it every time you use it, a box that you can reuse for whatever you need and a cardboard bag so that it is stored. do not mistreat the moment of sending it to you. You know what they say, the small details make the difference.


3. Exclusive designs _

 I don't know about you but I like to have several clothes for each event, or in turn, have some shorts that I can combine with different shirts. Think about it, what if a long weekend comes and you put together a choir for the beach where you will be one day at the pool, another day at the beach, another day at a night event or doing sports, you must have several shorts! But do you know what is the most important ? That the model you have bought is exclusive and not massive, that is, that you are so important that you will not find that same bathing suit scattered throughout the Dominican Republic. Thinking in this way, we have focused on creating exclusive and very striking garments in LIMITED quantities. We are aware that today modern men like to be comfortable and use their shorts to go to the mall, for the weekend, to the beach or the pool or simply to be at home, but they always feel - dose cool when using them. It is for this reason that we offer you new designs and colors every two months, so that you can acquire new models that fit your life and accompany you on your adventures.


4 . Fit and modern cut

 Do you remember that approximately ten years ago , the fashion was to wear bathing suits whose length passed the knees? I do! Because I used them like that and my friends did too ... how cool at that time it was cool to use them that way but times change and fashion advances very quickly . Today , the style that is used is above the knees with a tight but comfortable fit that allows you to carry out any activity. With enemy we have adapted to the market by listening to global needs and trends and we have achieved a cut that allows the client to feel comfortable and look good at the same time. I'm not going to lie to you, there are different bodies, heights and tastes, and that is why we have carried out several tests and many errors to find a cut that all of our customers like and fit well, but I am sure that we have achieved it. The most important thing for us is that you use your garment not only on the beach, but also doing sports, walking in the shopping center, in the supermarket or simply being at home.

5. Price

Today there is an endless number of brands that are dedicated to making swimsuits or include them in their line of products but you have to be realistic, the sun rises for everyone! Although it is true, many brands offer excellent quality but sell their pieces at such a high price that very few would pay and others that are of inferior quality but exceed DOP $5,000, in short, there is everything. That is where we as a brand come in, offering excellent quality but at a FAIR price where the customer can buy one and feel comfortable but more than anything satisfied with their purchase. Our products do not exceed DOP $3,500 and we think it is a very affordable price.


In short, in the market there are several brands of swimsuits that I like, both national and international, you choose the one that suits you best and adjusts to your taste and pocket. However, I have mentioned 5 reasons why you should choose an enemy swimsuit to accompany you on your adventures, walks, weekends or just to be at home that I hope will help you in your decision .

I hope you are already part of our enemy family and if not, that you will be one day ! Thank you for reading this blog, I have done it with a lot of love for all of you.

Fabian Almeida,


Founder enemy Dominican Republic and Co-Founder enemy

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